Wenonah Handschu

Cars have been a part of Wenonah’s world for her entire life. Growing up in Detroit, it is almost impossible to be oblivious to the auto industry. She quickly discovered that she enjoyed the challenges and excitement of the Industry almost as much as that of a fast car.

From her early days as a Customer Service Representative during the Firestone Recall, Wenonah learned that customers just want to be treated like a person and not just another sale. For the past 20 years, she has helped dealers to improve efficiency, sales, profits, customer and employee satisfaction and navigate OEM requirements.

Wenonah is passionate about helping people, making life easier for others and leaving things a little better. This passion translates to her personal life as she is involved in a number of community-based organizations in Detroit and Wayne County, MI.

In her free time, Wenonah enjoys spending time with family, helping people make their lives easier, traveling and always learning.


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