Eve Kain

Eve Kain is the glue that holds the Kain office together.

For Eve, no two days are the same. Her role as office manager combines roles as treasurer and business manager for the company, with tasks like payroll, taxes, and invoicing. In addition, Eve is Kain’s personal cheerleader. She generates the enthusiasm for each session, for both the teachers and the students to make both parties feel more at ease.

When you meet Eve, the first thing you’ll notice about her is her calming presence. She loves to practice yoga, and brings that zen to the office every day.


Everyone can use a little boost now and then.  For that reason, we have developed a selection of resources that you can leverage for your ongoing educational benefit.

Kain University Online
Kain Client-Toolkit
Kain Exchange
Kain & Co.

If you’d like more information on these resources…just ask.  We’d love to be of assistance.

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