Train the Trainer – February 15 – 16

Who – You.
This workshop is geared towards Owners, General Managers, Sales Managers, Digital Marketing Managers and Internet/BDC Operation Managers or Team Leaders.

Each year we kick off the new year with a client nominated Micro Workshop that is limited to just 15 attendees that prepares each Dealership that attends for a successful and profitable new year. This year is no exception. David Kain, the President of Kain Auto will be leading the first ever “Train the Trainer” workshop. This workshop will equip your leadership with the tools and resources they need to hone the skills of each of your employee and understand how to inspect what they expect from their digital operation.

Each attendee will receive a digital goodie bag that includes the most up to date call control/phone scripts, voicemail scripts, personal email thought starters, lead source response guide and long-term email templates and campaign suggestions.

When – February 15th & 16th 2017

Where – Kain Auto Classroom – Lexington, Kentucky

Take a look at the Agenda below and register A.S.A.P. before it sells out. Trust us, you do not want to miss this unique opportunity to start 2018 off on the right foot!

Operational Blueprint
The Operational Blueprint will go into detail of what you are trying to accomplish and the best way to reach your goals. We will conduct a Process Performance Review to identify areas of opportunity to accelerate the Internet performance at your Dealership, listen to calls, review CRM processes and communications as well as current reporting.

Telephone Mastery
Key aspects include how to have a meaningful conversation, which entails talking more about the customer versus us. In addition, we need to be more approachable and stop working like a cash register and actually, care about our customers. As a whole, we tend to be task achievers versus relationship builders. We want to change that mindset.

We will discuss common objections, role-playing and recording voicemails. The ability to engage on a personal level and truly assist the customer will make it easier to be successful. The principals of S.P.I.N. Selling will be explored and taught so the attendee will understand how the right approach can ensure better client engagement and trust leading to greater work success.

Digital Communication Strategies and Tactics
We will review the fundamentals before moving on to the accelerated principals of effective communication through all forms of communication including email, live chat, text, and even video. As consumers are typically overwhelmed with all of the commercial messaging by businesses on a daily basis it is imperative that you standout so customers want to interact with you.

Observation + Coaching
We will work leads live and focus on personalized communication through all forms of communication including telephone, email, and text. This will give you the confidence necessary to ensure immediate and long-term success and practicing what you preach when your train your team at home.

Automotive Internet Marketing Dynamics
You will learn the fundamentals of Automotive Internet Marketing including successful website design and search engine strategies and why it will benefit you in working with customers.

We will review current studies on consumer behavior online and what strategies your dealership can deploy to motivate customers to complete online forms, call, chat or text a dealership. This detailed explanation will allow you to have a better understanding of the consumer and dealership behavior to enhance your personal success.